5x7 Lonely cowboy. 2014.
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Waking up in a Volvo 240 in in Eastern Oregon.
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… one’s real duty to the future is to do as you should do now. Make the best choices, do the best work, fulfill your obligations in the best way you can, and work on a scale that’s appropriately small. Make plans that are appropriately small. If you do those things, then the future will take care of itself. 

|| Wendell Berry


“Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars.”
—  	Serbian Proverb
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~   Mia Farrow  (via thatkindofwoman)
~   Catherynne M. Valente  (via ladyrosenred)
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Columbia Icefields and the Athabasca Glacier View near Banff - Color Slide 1957 by Mike Leavenworth on Flickr.
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